Brian Jackson

Jackson is a former “PJ” or Pararescue man. He received his training through the US Army’s, John F Kennedy Special Warfare Center, Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center (JSOMTC), Fort Bragg, NC, in 1998 where he was also certified as a Nationally Registered EMT-Paramedic. He continued his medical foundation at the USAF’s Pararescue School at Kirtland AFB, NM. Holding a certification of a NREMT-Paramedic along with his advanced military medicine skills, Jackson was deployed over a dozen times to Iraq, Afghanistan, South America and other locations with other Special Operations Units where he was able to utilize his skills on real world missions.

Since his separation from the military, Jackson has continued to teach, train and evaluate thousands of military combat medics (Rangers, SF, PJs, SEALS, Corpsman), civilian medics, firefighters, law enforcement personnel, foreign nationals and US military units conducting deployment workups. He has taught crucial aspects of Personnel Recovery, Active Shooter, Downed Officer Rescue, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (civilian version of TCCC) and managing a Casualty Collection Point (CCP). Although he enjoys much of the technical aspects of medicine and care under fire, he is a huge fan of keeping things simple and developing mindset.

Donnie Ruberio

Donnie Ruberio graduated from the University of Mary, Bismarck ND and moved to Las Vegas to pursue a career in law enforcement.  He has been an officer with a large Southern Nevada police agency for 18 years working as a corrections officer, patrol officer, detective, and for the past 5 years as a Search and Rescue Officer.

Donnie is a coordinator for the TEMS (Tactical Emergency Medical Support) Team and operates as a tactical medic on SWAT missions.  Donnie has been a trainer/ team leader/ operator on missions for mountain rescue, lead climb, dive search and recovery and rescuer/systems operator on helicopter operations.  He is a nationally registered EMT- Paramedic, and licensed Southern Nevada Health District Paramedic who also works part time for a local ambulance company.

Collin Sears

Collin Sears brings 15+ years’ experience in the pre-hospital, austere, and hostile arenas with most career experience from a large Southern Nevada fire and rescue agency as a firefighter/paramedic. Collin also has experience with a large Southern Nevada police department as a non-commissioned mountain rescue operator and SWAT tactical paramedic.  In addition to his primary roles, Collin has served his agencies as a primary EMS instructor, new graduate and new hire paramedic preceptor and sat on and chaired various committees and working groups to develop and redefine agency ‘best practices’.

Outside of his employer commitments, Collin has participated in numerous instructional speaking engagements, including the University of Nevada, School of Medicine “Survivor” wilderness medical course, the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, School of Medicine, Pre-Hospital EMS course, and the American Heart Association Cardiovascular and Stroke Symposiums. Collin strives to make smart medicine easy and promotes meaningful interventions in problematic environments.

Gavin Vesp

Gavin is an honorably retired law enforcement professional (Sergeant) with nearly 24 years of experience in tactical operations, SAR operations, leadership, supervision, training and policy development.  Gavin has worked primarily within small team environments on complex organizational projects, as well as high risk mission planning and execution.

Gavin’s final assignment with his agency was spent as the Search and Rescue Coordinator where he supervised seven commissioned police officers and approximately fifty civilian volunteers. Gavin’s primary responsibility was to coordinate and oversee all Search and Rescue operations within the nearly 8000 square miles of Clark County, Nevada, and was also qualified as a HH-1H Huey Helicopter Crew Chief, PADI Dive Master, High Angle Rope Rescue Technician and Nationally Registered EMT Intermediate.

Gavin has spent much of his adult life working in an operational law enforcement environment and now works in the private sector as a security consultant, trainer and executive protection specialist.

Michael Ward

Michael Ward is a local rock climbing guide who has lived and climbed in the Las Vegas area since 1975. His clients have included elite level special forces units from the United States and abroad. He has made many first ascents in the Red Rock National Conservation Area as well as other areas of the country.

Along with being a volunteer member of a large southern Nevada law enforcement search and rescue team, he was also one of the first members of the lead climb rescue team. He helped develop a portion of the rescue systems currently utilized by the team and regularly assists in volunteer, staff training and rescue operations.

Mike is proficient in several helicopter rescue platforms for both day and night operations. In addition to volunteering on the lead climb and mountain rescue teams, Mike is a national certified Emergency Medical Technician.

Jacob Connell

Jacob has served in the United States Military for over 8 years, the majority of which has been as a heavy lift helicopter pilot. In the cockpit he has served as a terrain flight instructor, instrument instructor, standardization instructor, and Crew Resource Management (CRM) Facilitator.

Jacob attended the Naval School of Aviation Safety to serve as an Aviation Safety Officer and Operational Risk Management (ORM) program manager. He ultimately became the Director of the Department of Safety and Standardization. During this time, he has developed and administered command safety programs, as well as fostered and conducted safety-related research to reduce preventable mishaps.