This hoist with spin video has been doing the rounds recently on all the social media platforms. Rather than criticize, here are 5 tips for hoisting a litter:

1) Use a tag line! Not only that, use it properly! Attach it to the very end of the litter and use a weak link with quick release built in that will not break prematurely, but reliably when required.

2) Whenever possible have an attendant ride with the litter. In the event of a spin the attendant can release the tag line immediately to facilitate forward flight.

3) Have your crew on the ground keep good tension on the tagline to keep the litter stable, either offset the ground crew or the aircraft to provide a good fleet angle/offset. This will make the tagline more effective.

4) If a spin does develop and your tagline is ineffective, commence forward flight AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If your litter is in trees or obstructions prohibit this, CLIMB. There cannot be a delay, do it immediately and communicate to the pilot why you need to expedite.


5) If things don’t go to plan, be brave enough to admit your mistakes and do everything you can to make sure it never happens again, be self-critical, ask questions, reach out to the hoisting community for advice and assistance, we’re a friendly bunch, who all share a common goal;



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