Meet Dave Callen

Dave Callen has served with a large Southern Nevada police department for 19 years. He is currently a Sergeant in the Air Support unit, where he has been a pilot for 12 years. Dave is certified as a rescue pilot in the H145, HH-1H and MD530F helicopters, in addition to being a night vision goggle (NVG) instructor and a helicopter Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). Dave holds an airplane and helicopter instrument rating and has 4,000 hours of flying experience. He is also certified under CFR part 133 as the chief pilot of external load operations for his agency.

Dave has participated in panels and presented on numerous aviation related topics to include helicopter emergency procedures, risk mitigation, pilot/controller communications, and law enforcement aviation. Dave has been a regular speaker at the National Air Traffic Controller Association’s annual safety conference: Communicating for Safety.